Oshiyaneh’s Cultural tours and camping


One of the well-defined Oshiyaneh’s activities is the cultural tour and camping.  It has been conducted here and there in the past few years.


Since fall 2006, by hiring more professional and adept work force, this activity has dynamically become more consistences.  In the first step toward meeting its objective, Oshiyaneh scheduled a series of visits to Tehran’s museums.  With the help and cooperation of the Planning and Executive Group, Oshiyaneh has conducted two visits to Obgieneh and Golestan Palace museums.  These two visits were very welcomed by participants.


Oshyaneh’s objectives for the cultural tours and camping can be summarized as follows:


1.      Emphasise on “family members’ bound” without an intermediary classes, workshops, consultant, etc.


2.      Establishing a proper base and a pleasant excuse for being to gather and spend more quality time with each other


3.      Experience the group tours and trips and purposeful social interaction


4.      Acquaint families with ancient heritage and the achievement of our ancestors as well as creating sense of confidence by knowing our background as much as we could


5.      Paying more attention to history and different aesthetics and artistic influences of Iran’s historical eras


6.      Familiarity with the manners of visiting museums, recognition the fact that museums are the public’s cultural treasures  


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