Children and youths books by the study and research group

(supervised by Mrs. Naqmeh Mohammadi)


In Oshiyaneh’s book store, to provide families a convenient way of shopping without any hesitation, a collection of the best books from prosperous Iranian publishers, such as Mobtakeran, Elmi Farhangy, Ofoq, Cheshmeh, Konooneh Parvaresheh Fekry (The Center of Intellectual Upbringing), Seda, Madreceh (The School), and Nasleh Nowandesh is available. 


In the west of Tehran Oshiyaneh’s store is a sale representative for all the Chista publication products, such as Farsi Omooz-e- Adabi 1, 2, 3, Chistani dictionary, LOLOpie, Daveedam-o-Daveedam (I ran I ran) and “the Tale of the Plume tree and the Goat”.


The same collective work has been done for toys for newborn babies to elementary school children.  A collection of the best products from companies and publishers, such as Omoozesh, Ba Farzandan, Goldooneha, Fekr-Owzin, the Scientific Hobbies Company, and Koosha, is also available.


In the adult section and in the field of pedagogy and education, there are selected books from publishers like Agah, Peykeh Bahar, Rowshed, the Mothes Association, Emrooz, Naiy, etc.


In selecting the aforementioned books, we have tried to cover the best subjects related to instruction on educational training, games, and methods in dealing with children of different age group such as pre- school, primary, and high school.


Oshiyaneh’s Group of Vocal and Musical research under Mr. Fariborz Rostami’s supervision, has presented a selection of the best Iranian and the world classical music, as well as Iranian folk music.  In addition, a verity of special children and teenagers stories and legends, as well as movies, and animations, suitable for children are available.


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