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The Art and Cultural Institution of Children's and Youth's Oshiyaneh (Oshiyaneh means Nest in Persian) , which officially registered, by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, under the license number 13268 is a private and non-profit institution that its revenues go to research and educational activities.


Since 1998, by conducting a series of researches based on the institution’s objectives and after a series of persistence meetings, Oshyaneh’s active workgroups have developed their organizational structure and codified an internal statute.  That resulted in obtaining the above-mentioned license and commencing its multipurpose activities.


Having considered the slogan "Children learn while play" and with the intention of developing children's social interaction, Oshiyaneh is the first Iranian official institution, that designs programs, based on games and creative art workshops, for children 3 to 6 years old.

Oshiyaneh’s main objectives can be summarized as follows:

_ Developing children’s social interaction with their own age group

_ Developing children’s fundamental life skills and five senses

Developing children’s the concept of a good Samaritan by acquiring skills based on mutual needs between children and the society

Improving children’s self confidence, self-esteem , Independence, and creativity

_  Providing an environment to help children express themselves and improving the individual as well as group’s creativity

Acquiring the objective of connection with the index of the human culture through familiarizing children with various forms of art, drama and music as well as improving their aesthetic skills

_  Providing a suitable ground to express their feelings through non-verbal means

_  Encouraging them to express their creative experiments and group activities by playing, drama, painting, music and group movements these all includes participation, coexistence, cooperation, and mutualism

There are several active workgroups in this compound such as Children, Youth, Music, Family, Library, Education, and Games


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