1-       One of the basic conditions of a healthy, constructive and growing mind is the satisfaction of private as well as professional life

Economical and moral success is the result of satisfaction of the conditions of life.  Undoubtedly, all of us wanted such a mind for our children.  As the basis of knowledge and science is experience; to achieve the desired future, it is necessary that man in his/her childhood and adolescence gain more and more experience in various fields and broaden his/her  knowledge in various aspects.  This will help humans with to build his desired future conscious selection. 

In this regard and in collaboration with the school system, Oshiyaneh decided to provide a comprehensive ground for research and hands on knowledge and experience on familiarity with occupations, various forms of art, nature and the sciences.


By holding special workshops for children and youths, this age group will be able to recognize their desire and set their future goals based on findings and experience they have gained.


Conditions of holding and participate in workshops: 

1.      Workshops will be held seasonally (Once a week)

2.      in any course; children will become a member of Oshiyaneh and based on the institution’s terms an conditions and they can benefited from institution’s additional facilities.   

3.      At the beginning of each course, the syllabus for that course will be presented.

As the purpose of holding the workshops is to gain experience and knowledge instead of direct method of educating, it will be left to the member to decide how to benefit from the programs as well as the number of the sessions.  This is to provide the sense of cooperation in decision-making, freshness, attractiveness, and usefulness of the topics to be preserved as well as keeping the syllabus attractive and beneficiary.

4.      Children, teenagers and their families, based on their educational or experimental needs, can discuss subjects and issues that they faced in school. In a group discussion, they will be able to come up with the proper solution as well as applied strategies.  Furthermore, presenting subjects in a group discussion can be useful and appreciate as a supplementary activity besides school. 

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